Intiland Development Tbk. Evaluates Expansion Opportunities in Indonesia’s New Capital City

Indonesian real estate development company Intiland Development Tbk. (DILD) wants to grow in Nusantara’s new capital city (IKN), which is still being built. Rich investor Lo Kheng Hong recommended the stock Intiland, which has now done this to make money off of the promise of the growing city.

Intiland Looks Job Opportunities in the Growing IKN

In an interview with Bisnis, Theresia Rustandi, the secretary of Intiland, said that the company wants to look into a number of IKN project possibilities, especially in the real estate market. Intiland is always looking for new ways to grow, and the IKN growth is interesting to them because of how big and important it is.

Theresia said that if the company’s growth goals come true, it will build industrial parks and other sites that will use its best skills. Along with private buildings, Intiland also wants to build mixed-use high-rise structures like transit-oriented development (TOD) areas that have businesses, hotels, and spas. These real estate markets a good fit for Intiland’s skills and have a lot of room to grow in the fast-paced IKN atmosphere.

The economy grows because of IKN

Theresia talked about how important IKN is to Indonesia’s economic growth. Penajam Paser Utara, which will be the future capital city of East Kalimantan, expected to have a stronger economy thanks to the real estate business. Because the real estate market could grow very quickly.

Intiland plans for a successful and exciting future

Intiland was smart with its money when it spent Rp518 billion on capital projects in the first half of 2023. Capital costs for developing projects add up to Rp1 trillion, showing that the company committed to growth all year.

In the second half of 2023, Intiland will focus on projects that are already under way. Industrial estates and landed homes will given top priority by the company. To make the most money possible, the company will sell all of its current inventory quickly, including living flats that are ready to move in.

You can offer Praxis Apartments, The Rosebay, Spazio Tower, and other Surabaya buildings for sales. Some of these are SQ Res, Regatta, 1Park, and Fifty Seven Promenade.

Batang Industrial Park has a lot of good things going for it

The land sales at Intiland’s Batang Industrial Park have gone well. For Rp200 billion, the company wants to sell 15 hectares of land. A long line of buyers is ready to join, even though they don’t know how much land they will be investing or how much they will be investing.

There are good signs, and progress is expected

By joining the IKN growth, Intiland can take advantage of the huge potential of the future capital city. IKN is going to be a big part of the economy, so the real estate business will be important to its growth and progress.

The company should concentrate on what it does best, like industrial sites and high-rise buildings with a mix of uses. People in the IKN environment like these groups.

It’s good for the company that Intiland wants to grow within IKN. Intiland can help Indonesia’s future capital city do well as it works toward its strategic goal and takes advantage of growth possibilities. Finally, it will make a big difference in the growth of the city.